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Our organization is new, just receiving our EIN in March, 2011,and our LLC in the state of Maryland on May 20, but already we have began to make a difference in the lives of those we seek to serve. Our venture has grown from an idea and a common desire to bring improvement to the lives of those facing similar circumstance, and over the years, we will continue to grow.
Purpose: To date, there has not been a recovery program that addresses all of the needs of the client in one location. With the demand for subsidized housing far exceeding the supply, and the difficulty in securing mainstream benefits, obtaining self-sufficientcy is a dream at best. To that end, I propose the establishment of a center that focuses on training and employment to facilitate ongoing recovery.  
Recovery: We propose the establishment of Twelve-Step homegroups as a part of the daily activities. Also, the Faces of Homelessness Speakers Bureau can be sponsored from this facility without the necessity of a VISTA. Baltimore Behavioral Health has several Peer Advocates that are also member of the Speakers Bureau, so there would be no difficulty in meeting and exceeding the established goal of ten presentations each month with just in-house presentations. There will be a case manager to help the clients with setting goals, and formulation a service plan. 
Training: We propose that we train our clients in the field of their choice, landscaping, housekeeping, building maintenance, home repair and remodeling, clerical skills, reception, and food service and restaurant management. These are all skills that are necessary for the operation of the program, and clients that are unable to afford treatment, can make arrangements to provide such services to the center. Since I have experience in every area with the exception of major home repair, I can conduct the initial training sessions. 
Housing: A large structure, such as a vacant school building would provide space sufficient for the number of clients, and will also have a cafeteria for serving meals that can be set up to teach food service skills. In addition, the auditorium will be useful for meetings and presentations. The gym can be used for social gatherings and sporting events. 
Employment: It should be relatively easy to find contracts for housekeeping and start a business for those who have acquired that skill. The clerical trainees could be used in those businesses also. The hardest trainees to place may be those trained in building repair. My idea is to attempt to find contracts, and bid for work. The food service employees might be the easiest to place. 

Ongoing Housing: There are several abandonned apartment buildings and there is an unused project in Westport that would be an excellent renovation training exercise. Once completed, this would provide housing for numerous clients. This portion of the program could later be expanded to include the purchasing and renovation of several vacant houses in Baltimore.

Partnerships: For this to become an ongoing reality, it is necessary to partner with the most prominent treatment providers in the area, Drug Treatment Court and Baltimore Behavioral Health. Such a venture would be of benefit to both the treatment providers and the clients they service. It would also be advantageous to partner with the City of Baltimore to secure properties for ongoing development and program growth.

Funding: We are in the process of performing a cost estimation for lease of a vacant shool, and estimated operational expenses. There is no cost for staffing with the exception of the trainer for major home repairs, and that segment will not be in affect in the first year. To date, we have not had any contributions or benefactors. From this situation arose the idea of not becoming grant-reliant. We have come to the conclusion that we would rather teach our clients to become self-reliant than to rely on the empathy and compassion of others. We have chosen to sink or swim based solely on our own efforts.

Salaries: To date, none of the Administration of Rounding the Bases has drawn a salary. The Executive Director works a full-time job for a non-profit agency in Boston. The Board Chair has been operating her own business for several years before joining us, and the Treasurer is a recepient of SSDI. Perhaps in the future, we will be able to receive an income, but never at the expense of our clients.


Overall, our experiences, and commitment to our clients has made us who we are today, and these moral values will continue to direct our actions and dictate our direction in the future.

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We are dedicated to serving our client's needs, and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to bring you the best in quality service. If something isn't right, please let us know.

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