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From the Documentary "The Invisible Class"


Much has taken place since my last writing, and please accept my apology for not keeping our website updated. Even as you read this, know that there is so much more happening than there is time to write about. I have always said that the first responsibility must be to our clients, and therefore many times tasks such as these go undone.


The Millennium Ten Initiative awarded us a $1,000 grant in February 2014. Through this iniative, we have partnered with Technology Goes Home to bring low cost computer technology and skills to lower income families. To date we have held two classes at Codman Square Library, and one class at Lower Mills Library. We are preparing for our second class at Lower Mills Library, and our first class at Saint Marks Community Education Program. This surprise funding also gave birth to two new programs; a youth training and employment program, and a senior helps program.


Thanks to a donation from Mt. Washington bank, and a grant from Wheelock College, the Youth Training Program will work to develop two new businesses for two area youth in partnership with Tech Goes Home Small Business Class. 

Follow our progress here:

Carl Byron Baty, Executive Director, Rounding The Bases, LLC

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