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A Welcome from the Director of the New England Area Office. 

Arnetta E Baty, Director, New England Area Office

Welcome to Rounding the Bases, New England Area Office. Our one year anniversary will be in March 2012, since the vision of Rounding the Bases was established. Our website has developed by leaps and bounds every day, and our partnerships are ever growing.

The work that we are doing in Baltimore and Boston is cultivating a great network for our present clients, as well as those in the future.

My vision still remains that Rounding the Bases will continue to promote the physical awareness of our clients who want to make changes in their life styles by striving to meet their needs and establishing a village of support.

In like manner, we are driven to provide the support for our clients by helping them with their quest to better themselves and secure their position in main stream society.  We will support their efforts of becoming successful with their own independence and financial stability, by gaining employment, securing housing, making good choices in their educational needs and maintaining respect for themselves, their families, and society.

The goal of RTB is to provide practical and individual support to our clients within their own community. Our mission is to enable them to live independently by providing a range of services to meet specified needs; employment, life skills, housing, mental stability, and a lifestyle free of substance abuse. We are committed to equal opportunities and will develop services to meet this end.

RTB will be able to provide a stronger support system should you choose to become one of our partners in this endeavor.  

I would like to say Thank You and ask you to share our site with family and friends.

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New England Area Office

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