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"Helping others to find new ways to help those in need."

Rounding The Bases, Inc. is an organization that provides resources and connects people directly to resources for training, education, employment, housing, food and other services in the Boston-metro region. We serve adult persons ages 18 and older, with focus on those who are, any or all of, the following: low income, homeless, ex-offenders, recovering addicts, unemployable, or physically or mentally challenged. We care for our community and serve proper any race, creed, religion, ethnic background, gender, or sexual orientation. We pay special attention to understanding and meeting the increasing needs of the senior population.


Carl Baty

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Arnetta E. Baty

Board Chair/President

Jerry Clifton


Volunteer Staff

Gladys Taylor

Karla Brown

Concetta Johnson

Mark Mackin

Janet Myers

Executive Board Members

Vedette Gavin


Gail Rodrigues

Mentor & Research Project Advisor

Advisory Board Members

César García López

Project Designs

Tawana Wright

Spiritual Advisor

Dr. Andrew Binet

Historian & Compliance Officer



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